Hybrid Cloud environments are our passion and we endeavor to learn more daily!

Between AWS, Azure and the Google Cloud platform we are constantly building projects and developing architectures ...

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From S3 to Route53

Microsoft Azure

From Azure AD to MS SQL

Google Cloud Platform

From G Suite to Big Query

Serverless Computing

Is the wave of the future or fad passing fast?

Is it real or are you just running our workloads on another companies computer while they pass on savings to you through a pay-as-use model? Either way it is an interesting topic to discuss. This website was essentially built using the serverless model. We procured a domain name, provisioned some static assets, created some content and pushed out to production.

Indentity focused security

The new boundary and a different perimeter.

As data proliferation continues, the idea that we must secure individual access credentials and subsequently the multiple borders around data residing in a multitude of applications will be primary topic of conversation when discussing the cloud. We need single-sign-on, multi-factor authentication, federation and access auditing to remain in the know.

Tool highlight

Simple Storage Service (S3)

A flagship service from Amazon

Data can be considered the basis for all. What is there to protect is there is no data. This scalable storage solution is used for Hybrid Cloud Club and many other entities. This scalable, easy to use, and durable service provides a block storage basis that is hard to compete with.

Route 53

The information super highway

Routing traffic can be difficult but it is necessary. Route 53 is a great way to manage global traffic. Using this service, you can connect multiple services in one place and collaborate across your hybrid environments. From development, to test, to production Route 53 has us covered.

Azure AD

Active Directory in flight

Microsoft AD is a well developed baseline tool in many IT shops. Azure AD Microsoft's cloud-based identity service. It can help connect users to internal and external services including Office 365, Box and more.


Google Analytics

Time for the query and the analysis.

It will continue to always be about data. What is the data telling us?

We want to undertand our engagement with team and the cloud community. Google analytics is the basis for this engagement and analysis.